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The Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy conserves natural land and open space -- including forests, wetlands, meadows, agricultural lands, and places of scenic beauty -- to provide habitat for wildlife and to enrich the lives of people.

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SMLC Properties in Livingston County


Lyon's Point Nature Preserve

Hamburg Township, Livingston County, Michigan
Year Acquired:
33 acres
There is limited access to this preserve, so please plan to visit this location by attending an SMLC hosted tour of the property.
Description: The Lyon's Point Nature Preserve encompasses 33 acres of beautiful hardwood floodplain forest, protecting more than a quarter of a mile of scenic frontage along the Huron River. This property was donated to SMLC at the end of 1997 by Mrs. Roberta Lyon Barstow and Mrs. Virginia Lyon. Having been owned by the family since the early 1900's, these women wished to assure that future generations could enjoy this scenic property as much as they had.

The land, located at the eastern end of Baseline Lake, was often referred to as "Lyon's Point", since a portion of the family's property jutted out at the point were the Huron River feeds into the lake.

Lyon's Point


Morris-Reichert Nature Preserve

Unadilla Township, Livingston County, Michigan
Year Acquired:
242 acres
This preserve is open to the public every day between sunrise and sunset. Parking is on the roadside near the preserve entrance kiosk.
Dutton Road north of Dexter Trail

Morris-Reichert Nature Preserve protects 242 acres of former agricultural fields surrounded by mature oak-hickory forest and hardwood swamp. The Nature Preserve was donated to the SMLC by two couples, Dr. Joe & Julia Morris and Dr. Rudolph & Shirley Reichert. These generous donors had co-owned the property for over 20 years, and having seen many natural landscapes and farms lost to residential and industrial development, they wanted to preserve the property "to protect some land and wildlife so that future generations wouldn't be denied the tranquility of frequent contact with open spaces."

Panoramic photo by Mark Even

Less than 1% of Michigan’s historic grasslands remain, so the Preserve's large fields play an important role for the species which depend on them. The Preserve is unique for the large size of these grasslands, which are required for birds such as Grasshopper Sparrow, Henslow’s Sparrow, and Dickcissel, which are all listed as State Endangered or Special Concern. Pollinators like bees and butterflies, and mammals like badgers, meadow voles, and coyotes, rely on grasslands for their survival.

Before it was used for agriculture, the preserve was a mosaic of wet prairie, mixed oak forest, and black oak barrens, a type of savanna (intermediate between prairie and forest). Oak barrens once supported a rich diversity of wildlife, but now are critically imperiled in Michigan.  Mature black oaks at the preserve have continued to produce seedlings, giving us an opportunity to connect to this extremely rare natural community.


Nichwaugh Lake Nature Preserve
Green Oak Township, Livingston County, Michigan
Year Acquired:
40 acres
There is no access from the road to this preserve, so please plan to visit this location by attending an SMLC hosted tour of the property.
Nichwaugh Lake Nature PreserveMrs. H. Louise Ward donated this property just west of South Lyon, Michigan to the Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy in December of 1991. Twenty-six acres of this property are in Nichwaugh Lake and another 14 acres are wetland. The preserve protects 1/4 mile of shoreline which is comprised primarily of cattail marsh. Significant other wetland species are also present.

Nichwaugh Lake is a tremendous spot in which to observe migratory waterfowl. Thousands of ducks and geese make this a regular stop during spring and fall migrations, and Sandhill Cranes are also known to frequent the area.


Warren H. Carpenter Nature Preserve
Marion Township, Livingston County, Michigan
Year Acquired:
30 acres
There is limited access to this preserve, so please plan to visit this location by attending an SMLC hosted tour of the property.

Carpenter PreserveThis preserve was donated to SMLC by Warren H. Carpenter and his wife, Dr. Patricia Carpenter. The property represents a large portion of their former homestead on Coon Lake Road south of Howell, Michigan. The Carpenters retained some wooded acreage, which included their house and a very scenic seven-acre pond.

The Warren H. Carpenter Nature Preserve is mostly wetlands and comprises some of the easternmost headwaters of the Grand River watershed, which flows to Lake Michigan. Red-tailed hawks maintain nests in the towering oak trees that border the wetland, and Sandhill Cranes have been known to nest in the area as well.

In making this land donation, the Carpenters hoped to make sure people would always be able to enjoy the same wonders of nature they enjoyed throughout their lives. Their generosity and sense of stewardship will indeed be appreciated for generations to come.

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