2021 Stewardship Fund


Land stewardship is a necessary and ongoing endeavor after natural areas and open space have been acquired for preservation in southeast Michigan. Most lands benefit from human intervention after years of degradation caused by clearing, filling, dumping and other unnatural changes. Doing nothing, in many cases, means lower quality wildlife habitat, little to no public access infrastructure, and more vulnerability to climate change. Successful land stewardship requires funding, professional and voluntary assistance, and adaptive management.

To meet this growing need, the SMLC Board of Directors is establishing a new public Stewardship Fund. The Fund's purpose is to support the ongoing stewardship costs associated with nature preserve ownership, conservation easement responsibilities, and building/equipment upkeep.



  • Good News!! SMLC exceeded the goal to raise $75,000 before the end of 2021 for the new public Stewardship Fund. As of November 2021, SMLC has raised more than $87,000! Thank you to the many supporters who gave to this Campaign and helped realize the dream of funding the Stewardship Program needs. The Carls Foundation will match this with another $75,000 resulting in more than $162,000 in initial seed funding and much needed help for the next 5 years and beyond. This new public fund will help pay for ongoing conservation easement and nature preserve stewardship, and equipment and building repairs and maintenance.