2012 Sunrise Serenade at LeFurge Woods Nature Preserve

Thanks to Greg Norwood for compiling this list of birds seen or heard at the 2012 Sunrise Serenade at LeFurge Woods Nature Preserve. And thanks to everyone who came out to help count the birds and enjoy the morning.

See below for photos of the event

23 June 2012
Lefurge Woods Nature Preserve,
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy
Location: Superior Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan
Old field on east side of hill facing forest, near center of preserve.
42.28508 N, 83.60019 W
    Bird Species Time Noted
1   great horned owl 3:45  
2   marsh wren 3:45  
3   killdeer 3:50  
4   northern cardinal 3:55  
5   field sparrow 3:58  
6   willow flycatcher 4:01  
7   song sparrow 4:05  
8   sandhill crane 4:06  
9   tree swallow 4:18  
10   American robin 4:33  
11   gray catbird 4:54  
12   wood thrush 5:05  
13   ring-necked pheasant 5:17  
14   common yellowthroat 5:23  
15   eastern bluebird 5:25  
16   rose-breasted grosbeak 5:33  
17   pied-billed grebe 5:34  
18   yellow warbler 5:35  
19   house wren 5:37  
20   cedar waxwing 5:38  
21   brown-headed cowbird 5:50  
22   blue jay 5:53  
23   black-capped chickadee 5:54  
24   eastern wood-pewee 5:57  
25   common grackle 5:58  
26   American crow 5:59  
27   indigo bunting 6:00  
28   warbling vireo 6:01  
29   great crested flycatcher 6:04  
30   American goldfinch 6:11  
Additional Species Noted:

    Baltimore oriole

   red-winged blackbird

   great blue heron

Early risers come out of their tents to experience the sights and sounds of a summer morning.

photo by Scott Tyrrell

Between 5:00 a.m. and 6:30 is the best time to hear birds otherwise silent the rest of the day.

photo by Jim Weiner

The kitchen crew - L to R Ruth,Chris, Jack and Rochelle.

photo by Marianne Lembfeld

Birders use a spotting scope in the early morning mist.

photo by Scott Tyrrell

By 7:00 a.m., everyone is ready for a fantastic hot breakfast.

photo by Scott Tyrrell

As the sun rises fully into view, we eat a wonderful breakfast while the vibrant bursts of many birds calling dwindles to just an occasional few.

photo by Scott Tyrrell

The rising sun melts away the morning dew on a spider web.

photo by Marriane Lembfeld